Race to Nowhere highlights the effect of today's over-tested, over-scheduled youth. Learn about the research that supports the stories in the film and take action in your homes, classrooms, schools and communities to support the health and education of young people everywhere.

Remediation Rates in College and College Graduation

40 percent of college freshman have to take remedial classes.[a]

Of those who enter high school, only about 70 percent will graduate - one of the lowest rates among industrialized nations. As important, however, is the fact that, of those who do receive a diploma, only half are academically prepared for postsecondary education.[b]

While 2.8 million students enroll in some form of higher education each year, most do not proceed straight through to graduation. Only one in five of those who enroll in two-year institutions earn an associate degree within three years, and only two in five of those who start four-year colleges complete their degree within six years.[c]


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