Your Voices on Homework: Homework-free weekends and holiday breaks

In less than a month we’ve heard from over 6,000 individuals who recognize the need for a cultural shift to better recognize our students’ time and health.

Thanks to the thousands in the End the Race to Nowhere community who’ve advocated for change, over 500 teachers or principals have signed on to work to implement homework-free holiday breaks and weekends.  It’s a great first step towards creating a healthier future for our students.

We’ve posted some of inspiring the feedback below.  And if you haven’t already, check out this new video of two schools that have seen success with homework-free holiday breaks, then take the pledge and spread the word.

UPDATE 12/22: Over 600 teachers or principals have signed on!

From a principal in Wisconsin:

“We are very excited to be holding a showing of Race to Nowhere soon in our community and I have many staff that have supported this philosophy already.  I will try to have the whole building signing the pledge by Winter Break.”

From a Parent in Massachusetts:

“Well rounded kids require down time" from school work to pursue other interests and well as the freedom to relax and spend quality time with family and friends. They will be happier and school attitudes will improve. Bravo!”

From a Parent in Idaho:

“Our school hosted a screening last year, and our teachers are following suit!”

From a teacher in Virginia:

“I pledged to all of my students and parents this year, including in my Honors and AP classes, to do my best to give no homework on weekends and absolutely none over breaks.”

From a third grade teacher in New Jersey:

“What I am seeing is each year the children come into my classroom less and less emotionally and socially equipped to deal with/problem solve every day life situations.”

From a student in New York:

“Busy work is rampant, and 5 hours of sleep a night is what most students get at most in a night. We are willing to help petition and spread the word against unnecessary homework/testing! Keep the movement going!”

From a teacher in Illinois:

“Enough is enough. Give the children their evenings back! Give them time to connect with family and friends. Give them time to eat, sleep, think, be creative, etc.”


From a student in Illinois:

“I know so many people who are stressed to the point of tears on a regular basis. Students literally are depressed if they are not getting the A" they have been working towards.  There is something wrong with this culture. School should be a priority but it is not the only commitment in a student's life. When I come home daily and I am exhausted stressed and frustrated I am often too irritable to fulfill my role as a friend, sister and daughter.”

From a community member in California:

“Let's make our schools places of rich learning for all kinds of learners and free up our home time for self-selected or family-selected activities, explorations or relaxation.”

From a Parent in California:

“Our fourth grade teacher instituted homework every other week for most of the students after we all watched Race to Nowhere. It has made a tremendous difference. Less stressful evenings, more time to do family and friend activities, more time to just play and be a kid. And he is still doing great in school.”