Westchester Students Use Social Media to Organize Protest Monday

While I am awed by and filled with gratitude for the support that Race to Nowhere continues to receive through our screening campaign, it’s the positive changes that people are making as a result of having seen the film that make me want to shout from the rooftop.

Last October we screened Race to Nowhere at Briarcliff High in Briarcliff Manor, a suburb in Westchester county, New York. And on Monday, February 28, the majority of its students have indicated through Facebook that they intend to participate in a “sit-in,” beginning at 7 a.m., protesting a schedule change that would, among other things, remove study hall and cut electives that these students cherish. "There was so much negative energy towards this (new) schedule. And despite an overwhelming number of students and parents, we just weren't heard," high school junior Jordan Mendelson said. And so Mendelson and classmate Philip Grossman are taking matters into their own hands, in a “peaceful, respectful” demonstration of student advocacy.

These students are taking a stand! What’s yours? Share your response to these issues, either by submitting video or written commentary, on our website, You Tube channel or via email to studentcontributions@reellinkfilms.com.  And stay tuned for more opportunities to share your voice on the state of education today and many of the other issues raised by the film, Race to Nowhere.