Students Lead the Race to End the Race

It’s one thing to have a passion. It’s another to pursue that passion. It’s an overwhelmingly exciting and rewarding experience to share that passion with others. I was thrilled to do just that with a group of spirited students earlier this week. Thanks to the “End the Race” campaign, we connected as student leaders. Some of us strived for a Race to Nowhere platform to be implemented in our own school districts; others took the fight to their state capitols, while others even started their own national reform movements. In short, we want change. We are the ones suffering from the monumental misjudgment of our education system by policy makers and society at large. As U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in 2008 to the Colorado Board of Education, “The students know what’s working and not working in schools before anyone else.” That is precisely why we have taken it upon ourselves to fight for education reform – to fight for a better tomorrow. 
Our first conference call was preliminary and introductory, but there is no doubt that it was effective. It will prove to be the start of a growing network of students stating their strong stance on pursuing positive change for the education system. Thankfully, we will not be alone in this effort. We were fortunate to be joined on the call by Scott Zumwalt, who has been an instrumental force for the “It Gets Better Project” and now will be transforming the “End the Race” campaign into a strong-minded grassroots movement. With the enthusiasm, eagerness, and energy I felt on the call, I have no doubt that our voices will be heard. I see Race to Nowhere’s Student Leadership Board only continuing to expand and reach students of all backgrounds and from regions all across America. It’s time to take a stand, if not for ourselves then for our children, for our country and for our future. Join the movement. End the race…to nowhere.


Zak Malamed

RTN Student Leadership Board Co-Leader