Share Your Story

Your storied have helped inspire others into action.

Changing education is about changing the stories we tell. 

Lend your voice to the growing chorus of “Race to Nowhere” viewers who are already making changes in their own families, schools and neighborhoods. 

Your stories will contribute to the broader “Race to Nowhere” story and campaign for change…and may be included in the next film!

If you’ve taken action to break out of the "Race to Nowhere," please take a minute and, in front of a camera, tell us what you’ve done. We want to hear about actions big and small — anything from encouraging your teen to get more sleep to speaking to the principal about testing or the school schedule to reducing or eliminating homework in your classroom. Did you sign a petition, attend a school board meeting or advocate for more time for recess? If you screened the film and have video footage, we'd love to see that, too!

Be sure to check out our storytelling prompts and tips for sharing your story.

Video record your stories with a smart phone video camera, and then share with us by sending your video to us using WeTransfer and entering and your email address.

The form below can be used to share your story as well. As filmmakers, we of course prefer your videos!

Please limit to 750 words.

We will contact you for permission to include your story and to learn more!