Schools of Education

Include classes in child development and the importance of relationships and how to develop them.

Include classes on how to create engaging lessons.

Include classes on different intelligences and how to develop curriculum that includes social and emotion learning.

Include education on the research around the issue of homework and educate teachers on how to assign high quality homework that is meaningful and on the importance of downtime for children and adolescents. 

Take the lead in putting research into practice.

Offer continuing education courses for educators in your area.

Include classes/information re:  family engagement --how to enhance family/parent engagement; how to establish and maintain supportive and positive communication; and cultural responsiveness.

Include classes/information re: identifying and understanding the pros and cons of different ways to assess and evaluate students; understanding what type of assessment is appropriate for garnering what type of information; and the uses and misuses of assessments.

Include classes/information re: resilience of teachers -- maintaining your own resilience in a job that is known for high-stress and high-burnout.

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