Parent Runs for School Board on Race to Nowhere Platform


Over the last several months, we have received some success stories that have truly enabled us to see the powerful results that can be realized when committed parents decide to take action. One of these is Marianne Gilland, a resident of Pelham, New York with three kids who attended the public school system (two have already graduated from college, one is still in the high school). Marianne along with other parents at Pelham High were shocked when they were informed that school authorities had decided had to replace several honors courses with AP classes.  Being involved with her kids’ school, and having just seen “Race to Nowhere”, Marianne knew what this meant. Pelham High was about to join other schools across the country that were willing to replace individualized, substantive curriculum taught by an inspired teacher, with a shallow, numbers-driven course that came with a packaged, standardized test and an AP credit.  While not completely opposed to AP courses, Marianne was against their expansion, especially if they were replacing honors curriculum.  Having done a stint on the school board nominating committee 12 years prior, she decided to take action. She ran for a board position on a Race to Nowhere platform and beat a one-term incumbent.

We at RTN would like to congratulate Marianne Gilland for her victory and hope that it serves to inspire others in the New York area who are ready to run on a RTN platform