The New Humanism - from Op-Ed columnist David Brooks

From David Brooks' op-ed "When we raise our kids, we focus on the traits measured by grades and SAT scores. But when it comes to the most important things like character and how to build relationships, we often have nothing to say. Many of our public policies are proposed by experts who are comfortable only with correlations that can be measured, appropriated and quantified, and ignore everything else."  

The research continues to highlight the importance of adopting a whole child approach to educating and raising our children.  I am reminded of a quote from our interview of Dr. Wendy Mogel (The Blessing of a B Minus) where she refers to Daniel Goleman's research on emotional intelligence -  "he says that people who are very successful in adult life – he did this huge study of CEOs and people in advanced corporate jobs and people who have made great contribution to science and literature and art – very very very few of them got straight A’s in school. They had qualities of emotional intelligence. They were flexible, optimistic, knew how to operate in a team, most of them had a pretty good sense of humor and they enjoyed the work that they do."