From NBC: 'Smart Drug' Abuse Plagues College Campuses

An NBC News feature including an underground investigation of Adderall abuse on college campuses. In producing RTN, we learned of high school students also abusing performance medications. This is no surprise. The products of the American pharmaceutical industry are a ubiquitous presence in our society. Media messages advertise prescription medication as the solution to a myriad of physical and psychological ailments. It’s yet another symptom of the spiraling academic pressure felt by this generation of students. In this piece, we hear that Adderall abuse is potentially as dangerous and addictive as cocaine and meth, and one in ten adolescents who abuse Adderall will become addicted with side effects including psychosis, stroke and even death. One university found that over half their students take Adderall. Many students have learned how to fake the symptoms necessary to obtain a prescription. If you have a story to share, consider a video testimonial on the RTN Iphone app or a written contribution to the RTN book.