Don't Own the DVD Yet?

Join our House Party and Screening Campaign to grow the conversation and movement! Hosting an intimate home screening is an opportunity to bring your family and friends together to drive conversation and action. Or host more than one house party and open up a powerful dialogue with a variety of groups! It's the perfect vehicle to open up meaningful exchanges with your friends, family and kids. Most importantly, it's a fun and collaborative way to start a conversation!

Some House Party suggestions:

  • Hold a pizza & screening night for your youth group or Scout troop
  • Replace your monthly book club with a film & discussion
  • Host a dinner party – watch the movie with friends and converse over a meal
  • Host a teen & parent night

When you register you'll receive our House Party Tool Kit, which includes everything you need for the perfect screening.

  • Discussion questions for adults & teens
  • Action steps on what you can do as a group or as an individual

Fill out your information below and your HOUSE PARTY will be counted among the thousands of other events inspiring a new dialogue and change!



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