Guest Bloggers

  • Posted: Aug 10, 2011
    Wake up! 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM is class time and study. Then, if you are lucky, lights out at 10 PM.  Others put off sleep as they intensely study for life-long competitions that their fate and future rely on. In that case, you probably get about four hours of sleep a night. That's five hours shor...
  • Posted: Aug 4, 2011
    The more screening events I attend, the more aware I become of how large the problem is. Parents are concerned. Students are confused. Teachers are cringing. Administrators are conflicted. Policy makers are clueless. Thankfully, the screenings of Race to Nowhere and the discussions that follow have...
  • Posted: Aug 1, 2011
    It’s one thing to have a passion. It’s another to pursue that passion. It’s an overwhelmingly exciting and rewarding experience to share that passion with others. I was thrilled to do just that with a group of spirited students earlier this week. Thanks to the “End the Race” campaign, we connected a...
  • Posted: Apr 6, 2011
    Sara Bennett
    After a Race to Nowhere screening in Brooklyn, NY, the other night, the first panelist, a 16-year-old 11th grader, was asked whether the movie resonated with him. He said it did and then he began to describe the hours of homework that awaited him when he got home from the screening. He said he was g...
  • Posted: Apr 2, 2011
    Michele Gray
    In a classic example of corporate double speak and political spin, The DoE's spokesman, Justin Hamilton responded to Anthony Cody's column about President Obama's statements that we have too much testing. Hamilton explains that we need even more testing, but that the "next generation" of tests will...
  • Posted: Apr 1, 2011
    Michele Gray
    Kids take a lot of tests, and there is a lot of confusion about which tests are which. As parents we oppose high-stakes standardized tests which are used to hold teachers and schools “accountable” under the No Child Left Behind Act while providing no usable information to parents or teachers. These...
  • Posted: Mar 31, 2011
    The Riverdale School District will be screening the film tonight!.
  • Posted: Mar 27, 2011
    Michele Gray
    On our Facebook group for parent in Pennsylvania thinking of opting out of No Child Left Behind testing, a mom asked about negative repercussions for children who don't take the test. She was worried about these kids being ostracized by their fellow classmates and punished by their tea...
  • Posted: Mar 26, 2011
    Michele Gray
    CNN left out the most important parts of the story “What’s your beef with standardized tests?” was the first question Susan Candiotti asked me once the camera started rolling. It’s the wrong question.    The issue is No Child Left Behind. The critical fact that every parent needs to know a...