Future of Education Summits

Host an "Education in the Works" Summit 

Get started by selecting a date and venue for your event. Then let us know of your interest by completing this form or calling our office.

We will partner with you to bring Race to Nowhere to your school or institution to use as a platform for engaging in a discussion about the most pressing issues in education today and your community's hopes for the year ahead. (There are several options for hosting, including an event that raises funds for your school or organization).

Summit hosts will receive:

The film (to keep!) and our brand new Classroom edition DVD with three shorter cuts of the film, specially edited for classroom instruction and to allow more time for conversation at your event; 

Our latest tool kits to support dialogue and action; 

Case studies of schools that have been inspired to create change; and 

Clips from our next film featuring education change makers rolling up their sleeves to bring humanity and sanity into our schools. We'll also give you a chance to be featured in our next documentary! Please join this community of educators and thought leaders, including Sir Ken Robinson, Linda Darling-Hammond, Bob Moses, Jo Boaler, Claude Steele, Alison Gopnick, Etta Kralovec, David Kelley, Carol Dweck, Yong Zhao, and Christine Carter.

The opportunity to become part of the network of school communities forging a new vision for education and childhood.