Feedback from Central New Jersey

Daniel Petter-Lipstein provided the following feedback after attending a screening in New Jersey this week:

I took my wife to see this last night at a high school in central NJ, my 2nd time seeing the film.

When you see the movie again, you appreciate even more what an impressive achievement it is and how much credit Vicki and the rest of the RTN crew deserve for this amazing piece of work. 

The film provides a critical spark and forum for discussion. At the screening we attended last night, there were probably 200 people there and some very courageous HS students got up and talked about how accurately the film depicts their lives. 

One girl talked about the traumatic experience of having her freshman math teacher tell her in front of her class that her math struggles showed that she would probably not amount to anything in life.

Another talked about how terrible it makes her feel when people tell her she is not trying or not trying hard enough.

And then a mother from a neighboring town got up and told the story of the perfect kid at her daughter's HS who got amazing grades, a perfect score on the SAT, great activities, the usual superstar litany.

She applied to only Yale and Stanford, got rejected by both.

Two weeks ago, she killed herself. 

Our kids and nation deserve better than this. Please encourage everyone you know, especially fathers, to see this film and engage in this conversation and join the movement.