December Newsletter: "Provocative" Daniel Pink, Author, Drive and A Whole New Mind

Race to Nowhere opens on 75 SCREENS this week across the United States. See the list at the bottom of the newsletter for locations.

From New York City to San Francisco, from Columbus, Ohio to Arlington, Texas, we are pleased to report that RTN continues its reach -- playing in theaters, schools, auditoriums and conferences -- opening minds for the benefit of America’s schools and promoting the health and well-being of youth everywhere.

We consistently receive reports that the film is not only experiencing increasing screening requests, but is frequently oversubscribed in the venues where it is shown. This film and the campaign for change that it has inspired, has succeeded because of you – the parents, teachers, students and community members who recognize in their own lives the uncomfortable truths of the testimony on screen.

Word of mouth can be powerful when the words that are spoken motivate people to act.  In a democracy, where citizens have a duty to stay informed, word of mouth can have profound and lasting consequences.

The holiday season and the approach of a new year are a time for family gathering and for reflection. It is also a time to make new resolutions and prepare for action. We thank all of you who have taken this film to heart and urge you to continue talking about it in your communities and online; and mobilizing for change in your homes, schools and communities.

Race to Nowhere Goes to COLLEGE

As the RTN Team prepares to ramp up distribution efforts for 2011, we are happy to announce that we have been fielding numerous requests to show the film on major college and university campuses across the country.

Concern about college preparation and admissions is a key issue discussed in Race to Nowhere.  Thus, we feel it is imperative that the film is shown in as many higher education venues as possible.

Some members of the RTN community have echoed the UC Berkeley admissions official seen in the film saying it is time that universities accept their responsibility in contributing to the pressures applied to high school students in the admissions process.

We also feel that viewing Race to Nowhere is critically important for the institutions and schools of education that are producing our future teachers, educators and administrators.

Some of the universities and colleges scheduled for screenings include: Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan, Brooklyn College, Emory University, University of New Haven, University of Colorado, Gallaudet University and Chapman University.

We urge those who are attending or affiliated with colleges and universities to explore on-campus screening opportunities.

Race to Nowhere OVERSEAS

The RTN Team is thrilled with the reviews and requests the film continues to receive internationally.  The film currently has screenings scheduled in Canada, India, Singapore, China and Indonesia with requests coming from Australia, Europe and South America, to name just a few.

In Other News

  • CNN’s Anderson Cooper featured a spot about Race to Nowhere on AC 360 with a report from Steve Perry. You can see this segment  under the TV/Radio list on the RTN website.
  • Race to Nowhere is in the process of building a social action campaign website to accommodate the tremendous national demand for action generated by the documentary.  The site will include a host of features dedicated to serve students, parents, teachers and communities.
  • There is a new trailer on the website and Facebook page. Share this new trailer with friends and family so they can add their voices and to the movement to End the Race to Nowhere.  Together we can continue to grow this movement and influence change at many levels.  
  • An iPhone app will be available soon that will afford the community an even greater measure of communication and action…. stay tuned.
  • Fun facts and figures: To date, RTN has screened in over 50 theaters, 44 states and has requests to screen from more than 15 countries.  We expect to reach an audience of well over 150,000 during our public screening campaign.  The trailers have been viewed by more than 200,000 - together we can increase those numbers by sharing the new one minute trailer today.


To all those who requested screenings this fall, we have some new team members in place who are dedicated to making sure that the process of scheduling screenings will be as seamless as possible.  If you are interested in taking the lead in bringing the film to your community, complete the form on our website or call our office.

I look forward to hearing from you with any comments, concerns or ideas you may have as we move forward.