Develop a “plan of action” to create a positive and healthy educational environment that supports the “whole child”.

Support "multiple pathways" in school integrating academics with career and technical education.

Consider a later start time for the school day in high school. 

Address sources of stress for children, educators and families.

Set expectations with faculty at the beginning of the year: ie. if homework takes longer than a set amount of time, child should not continue to the point of frustration and should not suffer any consequences at school.

Make sure that elementary school students have recess and older students time for lunch.

Consider the way your school recognizes students and include opportunities for a broad range of young people to be recognized.

Consider block schedules which reduce the number of transitions and contacts for students and teachers.

Re-think AP programs. Work closely with college admissions offices to share how your students are evaluated. 

Ensure that school websites are focused on school communications rather than grades.

Create calendars to reduce overlapping demands and establish guidelines for tests and projects immediately prior to or after holiday breaks.

Provide opportunities for open communications between teachers, parents and students.

Create a vision for change with the emphasis being on engaged learning rather than teaching to a test.

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